Reddit Just Caught Joe Hockey’s Car in a Disabled Space

Joe Hockey‘s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad week continues, thanks to an eagle-eyed Reddit user who, while watching a Nine News video of the Treasurer, spotted his chauffeur-driven car parked in a disabled space at the airport.

Hockey faced criticism this week after his offhanded remarks about how the fuel excise will only affect wealthy Australians, since the poorest among us don’t drive far or have cars.
On Thursday, Nine News cameras caught Hockey arriving at an airport. Reddit user dtulip spotted something amiss at the 30-second mark, and having watched it for ourselves, we agree that that is indeed Joe Hockey, getting into a car that’s sitting smack bang on top of a clearly-marked disabled space.
While it’s Hockey’s driver who parked there and not Hockey himself, symbolically, this is really the last thing the Treasurer needs in a week when he has already put working families, the Murdoch press and even his own party off side with his out-of-touch behaviour.  
What will he possibly do next?