Red Dog Star, Koko, Wins Golden Collar!

When we talk about a high-profile night of butt sniffing, leg humping and drooling, it sounds like we’re reporting on an evening at the Playboy Mansion. But, in this case, we’re talking about the inaugural Golden Collar Awards, an event which celebrates the best canine TV and Film performances.

In a year where Australian actors have floundered in award nominations, Koko (from Red Dog) managed to retrieve some of our dignity, winning the award for Best Dog Foreign Talent. Though the Kelpie couldn’t make the ceremony, a video of his acceptance speech was screened.

I’m sorry I can’t be there to accept this award, but it’s a long flight to Hollywood, and I have become so popular in Australia, they won’t let me out of the country!” said the subtitled Koko.

But the night really belonged to the twice nominated ‘Uggie‘ who won Best Dog In a Theatrical Film for his work in the movie, The Artist.

Not many details have emerged about the after party, but there are unconfirmed reports that the night was a wild and torrid affair.

To end with a few obligatory and completely predictable puns: Koko’s success gives us paws for thought, but for how much longer can he be top dog? Whilst every dog can and will have its day, too much fame can be ruff.