You can stick her in a bathtub with Little Britain’s Matt Lucas. You can literally name her character Fat Amy. But, woe betide you if you decide to go after the real Rebel Wilson with deets that may not be true.

The actress has taken a minute from her near-constant goal-kicking in the US to sue glossy mag publisher Bauer Media, after a number of Aussie publications mouthed off ’bout her age last year, allegedly defaming her in the process. 

ICYMI, magazines like Woman’s Day, The Australian Women’s Weekly, NW and OK Magazine took the news Wilson may have been fibbing about her age and ran with it, dragging her name through the proverbial mud in the process.

Welp, according to the Sydney Morning Herald, a writ filed in the Victorian Supreme Court says those claims did a number on her career. Hollywood, a place not known for accepting the concept of ‘ageing’, apparently rescinded roles offered to her based on that info.

More than that, the knock-on stories alleging she was a liar liar pants-on-fire cast her in an equally shitty light. A light that Wilson now believes should be turned off, and replaced with a shower of well-deserved cashola. 

Wilson also had a swipe at tabloid journos this year after she claimed one of ’em harassed her granny in the pursuit of a scoop. Maybe stop fucking with Rebel, yeah?

Source: Sydney Morning Herald.
Photo: John Shearer / Getty.