Rebel Wilson Lands Her Own U.S. TV Show

What a crazy few years it’s been for the Rebel Wilson aka the Nick Carraway of the American entertainment industry.

Real talk you guys, if you had told us five years ago that the seemingly high strung local comedienne who used to be on The Wedge, Thank God You’re Here and Bogan Pride would go on to star in legit mid-weight studio films like Bridesmaids, What to Expect When You’re Expecting, Bachelorette, Pitch Perfect and Pain & Gain and solidify her own awesomeness by hanging out at NBA games with Zac Efron, teaching Jimmy Fallon how to dance, getting props from Lady Gaga, falling into a pool for the New York Times, and hosting (and crushing) the MTV Movie Awards with Channing Tatum we would totally have been like, what, the buff dude from Step Up?

And on it goes. The delightful antipodean actress has confirmed overnight that her hedonistic Conan O’Brien endorsed TV series Super Fun Night – a half hour sitcom about a group of socially inept gal pals who challenge themselves to have a super fun night every Friday – has been officially picked up by American broadcast network ABC.

The series had originally been greenlit by CBS, who eventually decided to drop it.

Wilson will star in and produce the series which will also star Disney teen princess Ashley Tisdale, Kelen Coleman (The Mindy Project, The Newsroom), Kevin Bishop, Lauren Ash and Liza Lapira

This is how excited we are.