Rebel Wilson Is Still Going Nuclear On The Journo Who ‘Harassed’ Her Nanna

Yesterday, Rebel Wilson was forced to walk back a series of angry tweets about a reporter named Elizabeth Wilson who had supposedly “harassed” her grandmother for a story, after she shared a photo of the wrong woman.
It turns out that there are at least two high-profile Elizabeth Wilsons in the Aussie media, and the one whose picture Rebel shared actually works at House & Garden magazine, and had no idea WTF had hit her after being named and shamed.
Rebel took the photo down and apologised, but has returned to Twitter today full of fire, and posted a photo of a different woman, calling her “total scum” and claiming that she’s the actual Elizabeth Wilson behind the harassment.
While all we have is Rebel’s word that this woman is who she claims, she seems pretty confident, saying “her actions are so disgraceful and upsetting and she should be shamed for this conduct,” and adding “authorities have been contacted.”
A series of angry Tweets followed:

The Pitch Perfect star has definitely not had the smoothest run with the media of late; last year, Mamma Mia waged am all-out campaign to ‘out’ her for her real age, while she has been pinged for jokes she told at the VMAs and the BAFTAs.

Hopefully her lawyers don’t mind working weekends.  

Source: Twitter.

Photo: Mike Marsland / Getty.