Rebel Wilson Captures The Essence of Wetness For The New York Times

What a spectacular year it has been for Australian actress and comedian, Rebel Wilson. Not only has she been extremely busy collecting A-List fans like public boozing infringements, she’s also been busy freestyle rapping with Zac Efron at Lakers games while diversifying her repertoire with Chav alter egos that resemble national security threats, in between green-lighting her own Conan O’Brien endorsed super fun sitcom and scoring pitch perfect roles in indie, blockbuster and critically acclaimed gross out comedies alike. 

Look at that stuff, isn’t it neat? Wouldn’t you think her collection’s complete? Wouldn’t you think she’s the girl, the girl who had everything?
Apparently everything is not enough for Wilson, who, with a little help from a small local paper called the New York Times, has been given the opportunity to cap of 2012 in the most spectacular of ways: by dressing up as an art house mermaid for a NYT video featurette that rightfully lists her amongst this year’s breakout Hollywood Heroines, alongside newcomers like Quevenzhane Wallis, Elle Fanning and Shirley MacLaine.
For the occasion, the never not ridiculous/luxuriant New York Times Magazine has created an infinitely GIFable interactive “video gallery of dreams and transformations” directed by Tierney Gearon and featuring the thirteen actresses whose “performances defined the year in film.” They also include Anne Hathaway, who dreams a dream of flying tissue paper, and Jennifer Lawrence, whose silver linings playbook apparently includes not combing her hair and losing an argument with a garden hose, because of art. They’re all wonderful. Rebel’s just also happens to be the greatest.
Head over to the NYT website to watch the shorts, or if you’ve already exhausted your monthly visitation rights, enjoy the following on loop.
Photo by Ross Richardson, Tierney Gearon for The New York Times