Rebel Wilson Calls Out Wrong Reporter As “Total Scum” On Twitter

Rebel Wilson has been forced to walk back a series of angry tweets directed at a reporter who supposedly harassed her grandmother, after sending out a photo of the wrong person to her nearly 2.5 million followers.
Yesterday, Wilson had a go at a journalist who had clearly gotten on her bad side, saying: “If your name is Elizabeth Wilson and you work for ACP Magazines, just know that you are a disgrace for harassing my sweet, sick grandma.”
She then followed this up by posting a photo of an Elizabeth Wilson who works as senior features editor at House & Garden, however, while she is employed by Bauer, formerly ACP, this journalist had nothing to do with the star or her grandma. 
Rebel was quickly urged to take the photo down, with fans on Twitter explaining the case of mistaken identity, but it was too late for Elizabeth, who later told media she was “gobsmacked” by the swift and severe abuse she received.
The image in question has since been removed from Twitter, and Rebel has since issued an apology of sorts, saying that she was “riled up” by the situation and the apparent treatment of her grandmother.

Source: News Corp.

Photo: Barcroft Media / Getty.