Rebel Wilson Apparently Broke Up With Her Millionaire BF Over Text And Ooft That’s Gotta Hurt

Rebel Wilson apparently broke up with rich ex-boo Jacob Busch over text and he was left completely blindsided. Welp.

Earlier this week, Wilson dropped a sassy AF Instagram post where she basically inferred that she is now single.

“Lots on my mind…aghhhhhh…#single-girl-heading-to-Super-Bowl!” she wrote.

Well, apparently the newly single gal broke up with her ex-boo via text, according the Us Weekly.

“They went to Aspen right before the holidays and had a blast. Then, he left for Florida to be with his family, and he invited her because he really wanted her to meet [them] but she never committed to doing that,” the source told Us.

“They talked all throughout the holidays and had excellent communication, but then, all of a sudden, she got really quiet and broke up with him via text message about two or three weeks ago.”

The millionaire hottie did not take the news well, the source also said and was “really upset.”

The Cats movie star met Busch back in 2019 and began their whirlwind romance in 2020. Since then, Wilson has shared several snaps of the pair on Instagram. Including pics from their lavish trip to Prince Albert’s Planetary Health Gala in Monaco, with Helen bloody Mirren and Kate Beckinsale.

One can only wonder why Wilson would break up with her hot, millionaire BF over text. But ooh boy he is a catch. Jacob Busch is a member of the Anhueser-Busch brewing dynasty and is rumoured to be worth more than USD$140 million.

He’s also reportedly 29 years old, which makes him 11 years Wilsons junior.

The pair were working on their fitness together, and according to People Magazine were motivating each other to get fit.

“He is also very health conscious and they’ve been motivating each other with their health journeys,” the anonymous source told People.

Ahh it really sucks to be broken up with over text message. But at least it wasn’t on a post-it note like that infamous SATC episode.