Rebel Wilson Would Like To Remind You She Already Won Her Defamation Suit

Rebel Wilson has dropped into Twitter yesterday to 1) Educate her fans about people unlawfully using her image to sell shit; 2) Remind everyone she already won her defamation case against Bauer Media; and most importantly, 3) Show off the gorgeeeee Prague filming location for her next film, Taika Waititi‘s Jojo Rabbit.

First up, 3).


Let’s dig into 2), shall we?

In June last year a jury found in favour of Wilson in a defamation case against Bauer Media, finding that a series of articles published in Woman’s DayWomen’s WeeklyOK Magazine and New Weekly in 2015 alleging Wilson lied about her name, age and childhood, were substantially untrue, and caused significant harm to Wilson’s career.

Then, in September, Wilson was awarded the largest defamation payout in Aussie legal history, scoring a whopping $4.5 million. In both June and September, she tweeted that she would be endowing the money on charity, scholarships, and in support of the Australian film industry at large.

Bauer announced their plan to appeal back in October, saying in a statement that the “quantum of damages… has broad implications for the media industry“. In court in April this year, Bauer requested the sum of financial damages be reassessed because of “errors of fact and law“. Which means Wilson’s lawyers are heading back to court on Thursday when the decision on that damages appeal is handed down – and they’re going without Wilson, because hey, she’s in Prague, remember?

She would also like you to remember that she already won, okay? And that while it’s not about the money, she’d like to cop as much as possible so she can donate it all to charity and the Aussie film industry.

Now, onto 1).

Apparently some weight loss companies are using her image to sell their shit, and Wilson’s not into it. Like she’ll be investigating. And to be totally safe, she wants her fans to know exactly who she actually endorses. So here’s the list:

Now all that’s cleared up, can we just say: we all cannot wait to see Jojo Rabbit, hey?