These Are The TV Show Applications Aussies Are Googling The Most & Ofc Love Island Is #1

A new study has found which reality TV show applications Australians are googling the most and surprisingly, Married At First Sight is down the bottom of the ladder. I didn’t see that one coming, considering just how unbelievably big the show is (and how many former contestants go on to become influencers).

British company USwitch analysed Google search data to figure out which reality TV show was attracting the most searches for application forms in the UK, America, and Australia.

The study was conducted over a 12-month period and found,*drumroll*, that Love Island came up on top with an average of 48,000 searches for its application form in Australia.

That is hefty, especially since the next result is The Block with 10,560 searches for its application. Ten thousand is still a lot, but 48,000 is next level.

Love Island being #1 doesn’t surprise me, considering just how loved the show is. Who wouldn’t want to be trapped on an island, surrounded by annoyingly hot people for weeks on end?

The show was also the UK’s #1 result with 28,800 searches, while America’s top result was Survivor with a whopping 79,200 searches. Makes sense, to be honest.

But back to us, Big Brother came in third with 8,640 searches for its applications, followed by The Amazing Race on 4,680.

The Bachelor Australia rounded out the top five with 2,520 searches.

Married At First Sight, however, ranked 10th, with just 840 googles. TENTH.

I can kind of understand the low ranking, especially since MAFS can be a vicious game with the wrong people on it. And we know that happens a lot, re: Bryce Ruthven‘s behaviour toward women and Jason Engler‘s homophobic and body-shaming rant on social media.

As fun as it can be on the other side, watching the absolute chaos unfold on the telly, MAFS is probably not the most wholesome show to be on.

And that’s probably why Hard Quiz, MasterChef (very wholesome), The Voice, and House Rules are all ranked ahead of it.

In case you were wondering: Millionaire Hot Seat came last in 15th place, with 360 searches on Google. Half of those have to be me every time I answer any trivia question correctly.

Suss the full lists across Australia, the UK, and America right HERE.