OMFG: The Razzies Held An “In Memoriam” For Trash Hollywood Men

The 90th Academy Awards – a.k.a. the only awards ceremony that actually matters – might be on right now, but let’s take a step back to appreciate the one thing the Razzies ever did so incredibly right: an ‘In Memoriam‘ spoof for the sexual harassers Hollywood has booted.

In the ‘real’ version, the Academy pays tribute to Hollywood legends who have died in the last year. In the Razzies’ version, it reminding everyone of those whose careers fucking died in 2017 (and earlier).

“Very sorry, but we won’t be missing you,” it said, showing images of Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey, Danny Masterson, Russell Simmons, Bill Cosby, James Toback, Steven Seagal, Brett Ratner, Woody Allen and more.

There was even a little Donald Trump mention, which is insanely wishful thinking but we’ll allow it.

And the award for best dragging of trash Hollywood men goes to… the above video. Fuck it up, Razzies.