Random Series Of Letters Conspire To Label Everyone “Slutz” On UK’s Countdown

Along with “Russian Dash Cam Compilations” and “Parkour Fails,” “Funny Game Show Moments” is on the Mount Rushmore of ultimate YouTube rabbit holes to fall down.

Countdown – the UK show that gave birth the local version known as Letters & Numbers – tends to provide more than its fair share, thanks to the ability of letters to be arranged into hilarious words.
You’d like to think that it’s the work of a bored production assistant, who slips the letters into the Consonant and Vowel piles – in order – and hopes to all heaven that the contestants pluck them out in the right order.
Most of time that rouse falls flat – with contestants selecting a series of meaningless letters, blissfully unaware of how close they came to hilarious disaster. But sometimes – just sometimes – you hit paydirt, and it’s AWESOME.

Bless you, Rachel Riley. You beautiful flaxen genius.
‘Course this particular slip doesn’t even come close to the greatest Countdown moment of all time.

But then again most people don’t even win the lottery at all. Let alone twice.
Despite the accidental accusations of promiscuity, contestant Stephen Briggs managed to come away with seven points for the round with “SALUTES.”
LAZIEST” is also in there for seven. Just sayin’.