A bunch of Rage Against the Machine fans are cracking it because the band showed their support for Palestine social media. So is anyone going to tell them about what machine they are raging against? Because no it’s not an iPod.

After becoming aware of the horrors occurring in Sheikh Jarrah, Rage Against the Machine showed solidarity with Palestine on Facebook.

“The violence and atrocities we are witnessing in Sheikh Jarrah, the Al Aqsa compound and Gaza are a continuation of decades of Israel’s brutal apartheid and violent occupation of Palestine,” the band wrote.

“We stand with the Palestinian people as they resist this colonial terror in all its forms. #FreePalestine.”

However, the band have now been lambasted by fans on social media for being too political and were told to “stick to music.” Yet, real fans can’t help but laugh, because it seems they’ve missed the point about what RATM is all about.

RATM have been blasting political bangers since they began making music in the early 90s. Killing in the Name is inherently anti-establishment and links the police to the Ku Klux Klan with the line “some of those that work forces are the same that burn crosses.” Bulls on Parade relates to the aggressiveness and brutality of the US military. In fact, lead vocalist Zack De La Rocha has gone onto to feature on more political tracks, like Run the Jewels’ Ju$t and Outkasts’ B.O.B (Bombs Over Baghdad).

Last year, RATM guitarist Tom Morello also found himself in water with fans for supporting the Black Lives Matter movement.

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Morello even clapped back at a fan on Twitter, who has since deleted their tweet and their account.

Sometimes I wonder if right-wing boomers just hear rOcK mUsIc and instantly block out any of the actual lyrics. Actually that’s probably right, because these are the same people who listen to Midnight Oil on Triple M without realising the lyrics are about First Nations people.

Image: Getty Images / Mark Baker