Rachel Taylor Speaks Out About Her Abusive Relationship With Matthew Newton

The always delightful RayTay has opened up in a gut-wrenching interview with The Australian Woman’s Weekly about her abusive relationship with human shit stain actor Matthew Newton.

According to Taylor, after a year of physical, verbal, mental abuse, wherein Newton “threatened to end her life,” she was finally granted an AVO against her then fiancé.

Considering violence against women is one of the leading contributors to death, disability and illness in Australian women aged 15-44, and is responsible for more of the disease burden than high blood pressure, smoking and obesity, any high-profile person speaking out is always going to be a positive. Especially considering that it is estimated that 80 per cent of cases of violence against women go unreported to the police.

Taylor says of the relationship: “I don’t think any woman thinks that they will become an addition to these statistics. I didn’t. I thought I was exempt. I thought I was the exception to the rule. I was not. I am a survivor of domestic violence. At first, my reasons for keeping my experience of domestic violence to myself were very simple. I felt ashamed. I felt stupid. I felt very sad. And there was another reason. Domestic violence is not very nice to talk about. Not for the survivor of it, nor the community at large.”

Of the fear she felt Taylor said: “Imagine having to think this way: he knows where I work, where my friends live … where I pray, which bus I take, the passwords to my computer, the code on my phone, where my parents live.”

Can Matthew Newton ever atone for past sins? He has never been convicted, citing a number of disorder but never providing an official diagnosis, and went on to speak to 60 Minutes about those ‘incidents’ that keep happening around him that he doesn’t call ‘violence.’

Meanwhile, RayTay is involved in the Secrets Project, a great new initiative by White Ribbon Australia to ‘uncover Australia’s secrets and stop violence against women.”

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