The fact that you clicked on this article proves that, to some level, you have an interest in finger painting raccoons. For that, I commend you. You have great taste.

Moving along, a rescue raccoon by the name of Piper has been doing the rounds on Twitter this week after her Picasso-tier paintings went viral.

In the following tweet by user @TonySkratchere, the painting raccoon can be seen standing beside her works of art in complete and utter joy. It’s a sight to behold

Turns out the artist-in-question is Piper, a fun-loving gal who belongs to a clan of raccoons rescued by US couple Sarah and Mitchell. Look at her. Just look at her.

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Piper’s adopted brother Cheeto is also a painter and, together, they sell their works of art online for around $140 AUD a pop. Because 2020 be like that.

Piper and Cheeto belong to the IG account @titotheraccoon, named after Tito, the OG rescue raccoon who amassed a cult following and over 500k+ YouTube Subscribers, before running away 6 months ago. (Tears.)

Nonetheless, Tito’s name lives on with Piper and Cheeto’s miraculous works of art.

Sarah and Mitchell, who are looking to launch a racoon rehab centre, are hoping for Tito’s safe return.

That is all. Good bye.

Image: Instagram / @titotheraccoon