R. Kelly Storms Out Of Interview After Q’s About Alleged Sexual Abuse

R&B artist R. Kelly has avoided tricky questions re: accusations of multiple sexual abuse of minors and his slowing album sales, by just straight-up walking out of an interview.

The singer – whose lated album Buffet is projected to sell 100,000 less copies than his 2013 album Black Panties – was chatting on camera to HuffPost Live‘s Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani.
(FYI: Kelly was found not guilty on 14 charges of having child abuse images in 2008, after one of the key witnesses, a 23yo woman who allegedly featured in a sex video made by Kelly 10 years earlier, refused to testify.)

“Your personal life has started to interfere with the way people consume your lyrics,” Caroline started, before Kelly began accusing her of ruining his vibe. 

“I want to talk about something positive,” he said. “I’m in New York, I’m having a great time, I’m going to go visit some friends, I’m going to do some business, I’m having a great time. I didn’t come here for you to spoil that.”

Yeah, shit Caroline. 

Kelly told her the next question would be her last, so she asked:

“What do you say to the multiple fans, the many fans who are watching and listening who say there have been multiple accusations against you, against young women in Chicago, and they are concerned about your past and that’s impacting them form purchasing your music?”

And instead of taking the opportunity to address these concerns, he employed the “I can’t HEEAAAR yoouu” method beloved of toddlers everywhere, talked some shit about loving his fans, and walking out. Nice comeback, bro.

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