Here’s What Time ‘Queer Eye’ S4 Is Hitting Netflix In Your City Tomorrow

Queer Eye

Queer Eye season four hits Netflix tomorrow, which sounds like the perfect way to either finish off a beautiful week or forget about all your troubles and millions of emails. Either way, wholesome goodness is on its way.

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In season four, your faves Bobby Berk, Jonathan Van Ness, Karamo Brown, Tan France, and Antoni Porowski return to make us cry / makeover the lives of eight beautiful people in Kansas City. Per Entertainment Weekly, there’s Kathi Dooley, JVN’s former high school music teacher and the woman who will undoubtedly make us ugly sob; Wesley Hamilton, our first hero with a disability who started a non-profit called Disabled But Not Really; John Stoner, a single dad whose 10-year-old daughter describes as a “man child”; Wanda Winters, a dedicated drill-team leader and founder of The Pythons Drill Team; Kenny Yarnevich, a retired bachelor and volunteer president, manager, and bartender at St. John’s Catholic Club in Kansas City; Deanna Munoz, a proud Chicana woman and arts advocate who founded the Latino Arts Festival of Kansas City; Brandonn Mixon, a former soldier who now builds houses for homeless veterans through his organisation The Veterans Community Project, and Matt Moreland, a recently divorced farmer who’s going through a bit of a tough time both financially and personally.

Cool, can’t wait to ball my goddamn eyes out.

Again, that’s:

  • Melbourne: 5:00pm
  • Adelaide: 4:30pm
  • Perth: 3:00pm
  • Darwin: 4:30pm
  • Brisbane: 5:00pm
  • Sydney: 5:00pm
  • Hobart: 5:00pm

Queer Eye season four premieres tomorrow on Netflix.

One ! More ! Sleep !