‘Queer Eye’ Star Karamo Brown Vows To Address Netflix’s Captioning Problems

Deaf and hard of hearing Queer Eye fans have taken to Twitter this week to complain about the poor quality of closed captions on the Netflix series.

Viewers have accused the show of “fundamentally chang[ing] the experience of the television show” by bleeping swear words, and even changing the exact swears used in the captions.

They’ve also said that Netflix captions – on more than just Queer Eye – don’t exactly match up with what is said on the show, arguing such an omission amounts to censorship. Viewers also brought up issues around whitewashing AAVE speech, and writing “(speaks Italian)” instead of translating speech in a language other than English.

The people behind the eye-opening threads, particularly differently abled writer Ace Ratcliff, have urged others to report, report, report caption errors to Netflix in the hope their collective effort will actually lead to a concrete change in the quality of the platform’s subtitles.

While Netflix themselves have not directly responded to fans, Queer Eye‘s very own culture expert Karamo Brown has weighed in, saying that he will “bring up the issue internally and won’t stop until something changes“.

And people are pretty pleased with the good man’s plan to agitate for change: