Queer Eye For The Straight Guy Reuniting For TV Special

In news that is just fab-u-lous, 10 years on from its groundbreaking television debut in 2003, the cast of Queer Eye For The Straight Guy are reuniting for a one-off television special to air in October.

“Food and Wine Connoisseur” Ted Allen, “Design Doctor” Thom Filicia, “Grooming Guru” Kyan Douglas, “Fashion Savant” Carson Kressley and “Culture Vulture” Jai Rodriguez (who’s job was always about as vague and useless as Ma-Ti, the fifth Planeteer with the power of “heart”) spent 100 episodes inexplicably running from place to place as they made over (or “made better”, in the parlance of the show) a clueless straight dude, all the while throwing out the sort of catty remarks that only gay dudes can get away with.

The show ran until 2007, and the reunion will feature the Fab Five reflecting on the series, revealing behind-the-scenes secrets and discussing ow the show changed their lives (all five have “launched careers in the entertainment, fashion or lifestyle space” since shutting their Queer Eyes for good).

Australia developed a particular soft spot for fashionista Carson Kressley – excusing both his popularising of the term “tjuz” and claiming to be a fashion expert while allowing this image to represent him on his Wikipedia page – and inviting him to judge the Melbourne Cup Fashions on the Field and get involved in promotions for Myer and Westfield. Kressley even once almost made Big Brother interesting when he dropped in on the housemates.

Via Variety. Lead image by Ethan Miller for Getty Images

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