Netflix Snuck A Quick ‘Queer Eye’ Cameo In ‘Stranger Things’ Season 3

'Stranger Things'

In what is now an extremely random but cute bit of Stranger Things trivia, Queer Eye season two hero / scruffy fan favourite William Mahnken made a little cameo in season three.

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You’ll remember him from Queer Eye season two, episode two ‘A Decent Proposal.’ Mahnken is the y’uge film and television-lover, soooo in love with his then-girlfriend Shannan Eller, he used her name – “I Shannan you” – to express his love for her because “love” just didn’t cut it. After spectacularly proposing at the end of the episode, Mahnken tweeted that he and Eller tied the knot back in June 2018 in a sunrise ceremony on the beach.

As the team at Digital Spy expertly spotted, Mahnken made his cool cameo in the premiere episode of the season, during one of the rather frustrating scenes set at The Hawkins Post. In short, Nancy (Natalie Dyer) pitches an idea to the all-male news meeting and the men stare at her blankly, before one of them demands she fetch him some mustard for his sandwich.

I honest to God remember seeing this scene and thinking, “…waitttttttt…” but was far too distracted by the damn mustard.

“The Queer Eye / Stranger Things crossover you all have been looking for!!!” Mahnken shared on Twitter earlier this week.

The bloke can absolutely pull off the ’80s look.

But this wasn’t Mahnken’s only cameo in the season because he and Shannan also appeared in episode two, during a scene where Hopper (David Harbour) has one too many after Joyce (Winona Ryder) accidentally stands him up.

Well, there you go. As far as cross-promotions go in the Netflix universe, this is pretty damn cute.

Binge / rebinge / reanalyse Stranger Things 3 on Netflix now. And as for Queer Eye, you can catch season four of the much adored series on the streaming giant come July 19.