Drag Queen Elsa Uses Her ‘Powers’ To Rescue Stuck Truck In The Snow 

The Queen of Arendalle lives on, this time in the form of a fab drag queen dressed as Elsa from Frozen who ran out of a bar to rescue a Boston police wagon that had gotten stuck in the snow on Tuesday night.

With no gloves and in subzero temperature, the queen freed the truck all on her own with a couple of mighty pushes (and hiking up her dress for easier access) before the wagon finally rumbled off. Afterwards, drag Elsa gave a proud bow much to the applause and cheers of onlookers inside. Cos’ as we know, the cold doesn’t bother Elsa anyway.

If you’re having a shitty day then video of the rescue will surely make you pop a cheeky grin.

What an absolute legend.

On March 13, a bloody brutal blizzard hit Boston covering the city in just over half a metre of snow and it wasn’t the first. The entire season has been peppered with snowstorms with so much snow accumulation that roads were closed and power outages common. So with such crappy weather trapping people indoors for most of the day, many were super happy to see the Boston spirit hadn’t been snuffed out by all the snowfall.

And the man behind the drag? Well The Boston Globe tracked the local man down and his name is Jason Triplett, a 37-year-old lawyer. Jason bought the Elsa costume last year and had worn it to the bar as a gag for friends when he spotted the stuck truck.

Naturally, Twitter loved it.


You can actually sing that tweet to the original song.



Obviously, quite a few people were wondering why nobody else ran out to help their queen but to be honest, she seemed to have it all under control and why would anybody want to steal Elsa’s thunder?