QLD Woman Pledges To Open Haunted House Despite Supernatural Interference From Local Council

In this house, we stan a haunted house, but not everyone agrees.

Logan entrepreneur Jaye Rose has reportedly been barred from setting up a haunted house on a vacant council-owned property in southeast Queensland, but the ballsy businesswoman refuses to let this ~spook~ her, Courier Mail reports.

Rose was reportedly told Logan City Council was not cool with allowing her to lease a vacant, two-storey, dilapidated building at Loganholme for her the little shop of horrors.

^ the council

Ms Rose has spent $1 million putting her proposal to council since 2008 and therefore vows to continue to find a home for her tourist attraction and plans to start lobbying the state.

“I was prepared to pay to lease the site and do it up and create about 200 jobs for locals,” she told the publication.

“This building is going to sit vacant for another 20 years at least and that’s all money that would benefit the city’s ratepayers.”

Logan Organisational Services director Robert Strachan said any development plans would have to get approval from the state. He said the state government’s Transport and Main Roads Department notified council it needed the land for the six-lane road and in March last year approved maps for the route, which runs through the site on the Pacific Highway.

“Any new development application impacting the corridor would have to be referred under the Planning Act to the state government for a decision,” he said.

“Discussions with the state government have indicated that there would be no support from the state for any temporary use for any part of the land where a notification for a future road would be indicated.

“Because the council must refer any development application to the state, it’s likely that such an application would not be approved.

“The only use they would approve is for short-term agistment.”

The council would only allow the site to be leased for its existing purpose as an antiques store, which is still creepy but far less creepy than a haunted house.

The whole shamozzle has sparked a debate about whether the council had done enough to help the small business stay operating in Logan.

“The state government has said it was reviewing the route for the Coomera Connector so how can they be definite about the use of that land if the route is undecided,” she said.

Here’s hoping it gets approved ‘cos I love me a good scare.