QLD Club Denies Wrongdoing After Punter’s Face Allegedly Put Through Window

Police are investigating an incident at new Gold Coast nightclub The Truth that has left the venue with a broken door and a punter with a seriously gnarly head wound. 
Goldie local Kodey Godino says he went to the rescue of a friend who was getting hassled by security, and was rewarded for his troubles with a punch in the face and a headfirst trip through a window. Along with a sliced-open forehead, he says he’s suffering from ongoing neck pain and is waiting for results from nose and head scans. 
The Truth claims that Godino and his four friends were aggressive and violent, alleging that one of them smashed a beer bottle over the head of a security guard and concussed him before they were all kicked out of the venue. According to Truth promotions manager Raymond Frangieh, Godinohit his head on the door walking out.” The Truth is seeking damages for the cost of repairing the door. 
Despite his 8cm forehead gash, Godino refused transport to the hospital after the ambos patched him up on the night of the incident. Recent Facebook posts indicate that a little cut on the face is not going to take the party out of Surfers Paradise for this guy; not sure if the same will be said about the venue once local cops resolve their investigation. 
Image: Facebook.