Anyway, The Illuminati Eye (???) Has Been Spotted On The Engine Cover Of A Qantas Plane 

In peak Friday news, conspiracy theorists have gathered ’round Qantas after spotting a bunch of [squints at screen] symbols on engine covers. These aren’t your average smiley faces, though. No, it appears someone or something (I jest) has slapped the Eye of Providence on a plane.

Honestly, at this point in 2020, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was something actually culty. It’s not, by the way. Well, Qantas says it isn’t. We’ll get to that in a tick.

One particular plane, snapped by Nine News, has both the Eye of Providence and the Freemason symbol on it, drawn in yellow tape on the black engine covers. Both of these symbols have links to the ol’ Illuminati, which has shaken cousin Daryl to his core. So naturally, the pictures sent whispers across certain areas of Twitter and alike.

The symbols in question appeared in an article published by Nine yesterday, about the airline’s $2 billion losses for the financial year as a result of COVID-19 (real).

Some viewers were so shocked to see the symbols, they contacted Nine journos about it, who hit up Qantas.

According to the airline, it’s all just a bit of fun.

“Aircraft engine cover art is a thing,” a Qantas spokesperson told Nine.

“As you can see, the yellow tape can sometimes be used quite creatively.

“We’ve obviously got a few engineers who are fans of The Da Vinci Code, but we’ve asked them to stick to emojis and smiley faces.”

And that’s that.

But, obviously, some people out there believe the symbols are a message to the general public, and that Qantas’ statement is a LIE. Which is why Qantas’ social media person has spent a little of their afternoon replying to curious / confused / concerned people on Twitter.

Normal, normal content.