‘Q&A’ Bafflingly Grilled Chimp Expert Jane Goodall On Cooked Oz Politics

I would imagine that if you were to select Jane Goodall to go on an episode of ‘Q&A‘, it would have to be for a very specifically-themed panel – perhaps something to do with, say, chimpanzees or conservation. I would imagine wrong.

While Jane Goodall is widely considered to be the world’s foremost expert on chimpanzees, she is not, by any measure, an expert on Australian politics (admittedly, this is something she has in common with a lot of ‘Q&A‘ panellists). This didn’t stop whoever books the show from putting Goodall on an episode that was about regular Australian politics, nor did it stop guest host Jeremy Fernandez from asking Goodall a series of questions that were torturously contorted to make them relate to chimps.
Speaking on the Midwinter Ball, Fernandez started with the extraordinarily broad question “Is the integrity of institutions up for sale?“, to which Goodall responded:
“Well, I think the integrity of institutions is being questioned more and more around the world – at least thats what i hear. But you know, this really isn’t my sphere of expertise, if it was chimpanzees we were talking about, it would be different.”
Attempting to re-orient the question more in Goodall’s direction, Fernandez framed it in a more chimp-related fashion, which mostly came out like nonsense:
“Do they trade in this sort of hierarchy and form special groups within themselves, are we behaving like chimps?”

After questioning Labor MP Linda Burney about the importance of trust and how Labor can regain it from voters, he threw the question again to Goodall, in a way that definitely makes sense for a political panel show:
“So that means trust in Donald Trump that the American people have placed in him, Jane, is sacrosanct. Is that the sort of thing that happens in the primate world – more broadly – that you have your chief chimpanzee, who’s not liked by the rest of them and then tries to undermine?”
Truly, truly baffling.

People sure noticed that it was a tiny bit peculiar:

If you want a palette cleanser from that, here is a ridiculously precocious child who just really wants to help animals.

Source and photo: ABC.