Behold, The Mother Of All Game Show Fuckups

There is no genre of video purer and more universally beloved than the game show fuckup. They have all the elements of something truly thrilling: pure earnestness, high stakes, and a single fractional moment of brain-clouding stupidity. Few of them aspire to the absolute earth-shattering highs of this one though, from the show $100,000 Pyramid.

Without spoiling anything, just watch this shit and try not to die of secondhand embarrassment:

Now, to clarify the rules of this game. If you’ve never watched Pyramid, the goal is actually to convey the category to the person sitting opposite you – who, in this case, is actor Tim Meadows – without actually saying the category itself. That is why he didn’t just say Barack Obama as it seems like he should. Obviously, that doesn’t quite explain his logic in calmly, stoically saying “BIN LADEN!” 

Luckily, the contestant Evan Kaufman has taken to Twitter without a roundabout explanation of what exactly was going through his mind when he did this. Apologies for the long tweet thread, but enjoy this:

So he fucked up, but ended up getting $8500 anyway. Good innings, at the low price of being a terrible meme for a couple of days.