Punters Not Stoked With ‘Bachie’ Contestant ‘Turned Straight’ By Matty J

I’m not here to police people’s sexuality. That’s not my job. As far as I know, that’s not anyone’s job. Whichever gender or genders or lack thereof you are into, that specific combination of preferences is yours and you can call it whatever you like. You can call it ‘gablorpablorp’. I do not care.

What I might add a teensy tiny bit of comment to is how sexuality works. I’m here to very tentatively suggest that lesbianism isn’t some temporary state you snap out of when a hot enough rig enters into your life. Sure, you might be someone who believed they were exclusively same-sex attracted until a sensuous enough body enters your life and convinces you that you may be bisexual, but I don’t believe you can be cured of the gays by a hot enough ass. The science doesn’t support it.
For this reason, viewers were scratching their heads a bit at Natalie, one of the contestants introduced to Matty J on tonight’s ‘Bachelor‘ premiere. In her own words:
“I’m not going to say he turned me straight again, but in some ways he turned me straight again.”
By what miracle did he enact in this incredible transformation? With that sweet, sweet body:
“So I was watching ‘The Bachelorette‘ last year and Matty J had his top off and I was thinking to myself, ‘Why was I in a relationship with a woman?’”
Which, well, as someone who has been in that exact position before a few times (not because of Matty J, but still), I can very much relate. What people’s ears have pricked up at is the suggestion of being ‘turned straight’ – like gayness is just a condition that you shrug off, when for many people it has been something they’ve struggled with through a lot of their early lives.

You can wrap your eyes around it here:
For what it’s worth, Natalie seems like the only person on the show so far that has a sense of humour and she was having a bit of a laugh, but bisexuality does exist and it’s just kinda crappy to throw the rest of us under the best when we all still have to contend with the bloody straights. 
(I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that – some of my best friends are straight.)
Photo: Channel 10.