Well then, maybe a third season of Puberty Blues isn’t happening after all, with claims that Ed Oxenbould‘s TikTok was just a big ol’ joke. And the person to dob him in? Someone who says they’re his aunt.

This has got my noggin feeling more roasted than a Chiko Roll that’s been sitting in the chip shop’s bain-marie all arvo, I tell ya what.

The rumour mill went into overdrive late last month when the actor (who played David Vickers in the 2012 rebooted series) dropped a TikTok claiming that the Aussie show was returning for a third season – seven years after the final episode of Season 2.

Everyone and their dog has been re-watching the original flick and 2010s series since they dropped on Netflix, so it’s no surprise Ed’s TikTok went off like a frog in a sock.


Shhhhhh. Keep your eyes peeled. #pubertyblues #oxentok

♬ Are You Old Enough – 2006 Remaster – Dragon

Turns out it was probably too good to be true (and Ed’s very likely a serial shitposter), because Jules Adams, his own aunt, slid into our mentions to set the record straight.

“Can 100% confirm there is no season 3,” Jules said on Twitter.

“David (my real life nephew) was bored and joking on TikTok.”

Excuse me? Excuse me?? Did the sister of Home And Away actor Di Adams literally just swing into our menchies to lay down the truth on Ed’s claimed return of Puberty Blues? I simply had to find out.

Jules went on to tell me that Ed’s been filming in Western Australia, seemingly has gotten bored, and decided to post some TikToks that he didn’t think would go anywhere.

“I messaged my nephew Ed as I could see lots of comments about this,” Jules told PEDESTRIAN.TV.

“He was surprised it took off. Clearly didn’t think it would. I doubt he thought it would get much coverage or go viral.”

Good, right now I’m feeling exceptionally like this:


Following his initial ~announcement~ vid, Ed posted another TikTok about Puberty Blues after he kicked that hornet’s nest of fans, not giving a definition of whether or not his claims are legit.


Are you old enough? #mystery #pubertyblues #oxentok heehee

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I mean either way, I think it’s pretty obvious that a new season of the Aussie comedy-drama series would go down better than a Splice on a hot day, so Channel Ten, do what you will with this information.

And I highly suspect Ed’s probably had an awkward conversation or two about spilling beans about something that apparently didn’t even exist in the first place. What a bloody turd.

Image: Netflix / Puberty Blues