‘Puberty Blues’ Actress Isabelle Cornish Lands Role In US Pilot

Ascendant ingenue and luminous Bonds girl Isabelle Cornish is set to finally graduate from playing Australian teenagers with names that finish on a long ‘e’, after locking down a significant role in confirmed American pilot production, Sea Of Fire, a dark drama based on the Dutch series Vuurzee.

Deadline has reported that Cornish will join the cast, which also features Jennifer Carpenter (Deb from Dexter) and Jack Davenport (Smash), in the prospective series which boasts a promising synopsis akin to The Killing crossed with Twin Peaks.

According the Deadline, Davenport stars as easy-going local Sheriff Marty Kesowich. Already deeply concerned over his suicidal and befuddled wife, Marty counts himself lucky to have a seemingly perfect daughter, cheerleader and straight-A student Merel (Cornish). But he’s shocked to learn that Merel is not at all the paragon he imagined. After Merel’s close friend Jane goes missing, Marty fears that his daughter had some involvement, and when FBI Agent Leah Pierce (Carpenter) joins the case, Marty is torn between pursuing the investigation fully or covering up the increasingly damning evidence against his child.

It sounds like it will be an interesting evolution from Cornish’s terrific performance as horny Shire moll Vicki in Puberty Blues.

Via Isabelle Cornish Twitter

Photos: Caroline McCredie via Getty