Pt. 1 Of JonBenét Doco Airs 10 Secs Of Creepy Unheard Audio From 911 Call

The murder of JonBenét Ramsey in 1996 completely stumped police and civilians alike, thanks to some utterly bizarre facets of the super creepy, super weird case.

Now, 20 years later, a team of experts lead by former New York City prosecutor Jim Clemente reckon they’ve cracked the case after re-examining the evidence using modern tools and going as far as to completely re-create the Ramsey family home.
So far we’ve only seen one half of the two-part documentary series but it already seems pretty clear that they’re suggesting that Burke, JonBenét’s 9 year old brother, was responsible for the murder, and the parents, John and Patsy, were responsible for covering it up.
The investigators re-visited the audio of the original 911 call made about the “kidnapping”, made by Patsy. In particular interested in a snippet that occurred after Patsy believed she had hung up. It seems a little bit spurious, but they reckon they can make out the following exchange:
John: “We’re not speaking to you.”
Patsy: Either “What did you do?” or “Help me, Jesus.”
Burke: “What did you find?”

My gut reaction was that if you can’t tell the difference between “What did you do?” and “Help me, Jesus.” it might not be all that conclusive, and also that if that was real that is straight up creepy as fuck.

Other than being a conversation that sounds like it’s from a horror movie, it’s also incriminating because the Ramseys insisted that Burke had been asleep for all of these proceedings.
They also suggested that the cause of death might well have been from a pre-pubescent boy lethally hitting her in the head with a flashlight, which they demonstrated by getting a pre-pubescent boy to smash a skeleton wearing a wig and a pig-skin scalp with a flashlight, creating a fracture that looked very similar to what was found in JonBenét’s skull.
At this stage they’ve drawn no conclusions, and also finished the episode with a big disclaimer about how there are many theories, of which they are presenting only one, and they suggest viewers do their own research, so time will tell how this turns out.
Photo: Splash News.