Psalm West, son of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, has lent his name to trademarks covering dozens of consumer goods, heralding a new business empire from the entrepreneurial family.

Psalm West is also 14 days old, but who gives a shit. The baby needs his paper.

E! News reports that ‘Psalm West’ was filed as a trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office on May 18, one day after his mother revealed the bub’s name to the world.

A quick search of the US trademark database suggests the family is preparing to launch a line of childcare products and baby-adjacent merch using Psalm West’s name. Blankets, onesies, cribs, strollers, and bottles are all covered by the new trademark.

The brand may also be circling baby food, infant formula, and vitamins as potential revenue streams.

Psalm West, Who Is Two Weeks Old, Already Has His Name On 16 Trademarks
via US Patent and Trademark Office

Then there’s the application to use Psalm West for an app, and for “entertainment services, namely, personal appearances by a celebrity.”

Hire-a-baby, why not.

In fairness, the trademark protection would also stop other people from profiting off the kid’s name. Seems like that would actually be handy for one of the most famous families on the planet.

The trademarks have all been filed under Kardashian’s never-not-funny Kimsaprincess Inc. enterprise. You can get a feel for the torrents of merch coming under Psalm West’s name by browsing the trademark applications here. 

Source: E! News
Image: Raymond Hall / Getty Images