PSA: ‘Rick & Morty’ Just Got *BUUURP* Added To Netflix’s Australian Library

For one reason or another, whether it’s a contentedness to play by the rules and not circumvent geoblocking, whether its a lack of technological understanding, or whether its simply a case of we cannot be bothered, many, many Australians are happy rocking the current format of Netflix that’s available to local customers. The one that features a truncated library thanks, in large part, due to the hella restrictive distribution deals that US content providers had in place with Australian companies long before Netflix arrived.

All that is just a fancy roundabout way of getting in before the guaranteed smug comments start appearing on this article alerting everyone to the fact that they “USE A VPN AND THUS HAVE HAD US NETFLIX FOR YEARS NOW” so they “CAN SEE EVERYTHING” and not just “WHAT MURDOCH LETS YOU.”
We know. We know about VPNs and proxies and torrents and the like. Literally everyone does. And we do not care.
So. With that said, the Netflix library is one constantly in flux; adding, removing, you know the drill.
Though the problem is that they don’t exactly publicise a lot of the new additions to the roster, meaning eyes must be kept at eagle-status at all times.
Those of you with a love of getting schwifty are in for a dang treat, as the cult hit Dan Harmon-penned utterly batshit insane animated series Rick & Morty is now available for all to peruse.
The Adult Swim show’s first season is among the latest in a string of updates for Netflix AU, which also includes the sixth season of Archer, every episode ever of actually really bloody good ABC series SeaChange, Pixar‘s critically acclaimed tear-fest Inside Out, and Hannibal Buress‘s part stand-up special, part comedy documentary film Hannibal Takes Edinburgh, focusing on the comedian’s 2012 trip to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

All this ought to tide you over for the run up to the colder months.
Source: Netflixable.