The Good Weekend quiz, nestled in the Sydney Morning Herald‘s Saturday supplement, is traditionally a great way to feel smarter than your friends and loved ones, but today’s contained an extra little something special, in the form of a marriage proposal.

What first appeared to be a standard bunch of questions about Mount Kilimanjaro and Mother Teresa hid a secret message, with the first letter of each spelling out “will you marry me Melissa Rose?”, as revealed down the bottom in Question 25.

Twitter has predictably been going nuts since discovering the hidden proposal, which appears to have been placed in the quiz by compiler Conal Hanna on behalf of someone named Dennis.

Good Weekend have promised to keep readers updated on the outcome of the proposal,  so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how it all shakes out.

Let’s hope it turns out somewhat better than that ill-fated Spider-Man proposal from earlier this year.

UPDATE: Looks like it worked out for these two cuties.

Image: iStock / ilbusca