Proper Champ Halsey Offers To Fund 4 Y.O. Fan’s Sneaker Shopping Spree

It used to take waiting outside your fave singer’s concert for hours on end to get noticed, but these days all it takes is a well constructed social media post to catapult you into the spotlight.

Luckily for Joe Stracci, the adorable photo of his daughter re-enactment of a recent Halsey interview caught the singers attention, and because of it, he and his daughter could be looking at the holiday of a lifetime.

Apparently, Joe’s daughter Luna has become OBSESSED with Complex‘s online show Sneaker Shopping, where host Joe La Puma interviews guests while discussing sneaker culture.

Through some sort of internet magic Halsey caught wind of the post, and was kind enough to offer to fly the family out so they could shoot their own episode!

Legendary stuff.

Joe La Puma even offered for her to come to a taping, but by the looks of things he might have a bit of a negotiation on his hands.

No word on if the episode will officially happen or not, but last we heard from Luna she was on her way to fuck shit up.