Year after year soft drink brands (whoknowwhotheyare) spend millions of dollars paying everyone from pop singing sensations to genetically blessed models to try and sell you their products. But could they be saving millions of dollars by simply getting people that look like celebrities to star in their ads?

We teamed up, once again, with guy who knows his way around YouTube, Adrian Van Oyen, and decided to test it out by finding a ‘regular’ guy (read: very familiar-looking but just not famous), perching him in front of an obnoxious car and making him pose as one of the biggest male artists on the planet (youknowwhotheyare) just as the aforementioned male artist happened to be in Australian on tour.

Post-advertising-social-experiment Lipton Ice Tea Sparkling are willing to put the money they saved where their mouth is and lead a search for non-celebrity endorsers. For your chance to see your decidedly un-famous face on a billboard, head HERE.