It’s Thursday, we’re almost there, I promise. And your allocated mood for the penultimate day of the working week is Princess Anne shrugging at Queen Elizabeth II after everyone thought she was being subtly scolded for not being in line to shake hands with Donald Melania Trump. Woof, huge mood. A vibe. Big shrug hours, tap if u up.

Footage has emerged from a welcoming event for the NATO Summit at Buckingham Palace on Tuesday night where it looks like the Queen is motioning to her daughter Princess Anne to be in the royal welcome and to greet Donald and Melania. Anne’s response is to shrug and laugh, before looking over her shoulder, instantly becoming something we can all look upon and whisper “same.”

A lot of folks have taken this as Anne getting in a bit of strife about not being in the greeting line for the event, but it’s believed that she wasn’t meant to be in the smaller royal welcome alongside Prince Charles and Camilla and that she was, in fact, shrugging to Queen Liz about there not being anyone else in line to shake hands.

In the longer version of the video, you can hear her say “It’s just me, and this lot” as she shrugs and points to the house staff behind her.

The internet has gleefully taken the video and run away with it, and this teamed up with the fact that Anne was amongst other world leaders hanging shit on Donnie’s impromptu 40-minute speech, and the latest season of The Crown painting a young Anne as the sassy bitnch of the family has the princess coming out of the NATO Summit as the favoured royal.

Princess Anne! She’s just like us but with squillions of dollars!

Also, this one is a hell of a reach but I quietly want it to be true.

Image: Getty Images / WPA Pool