Prince Harry & Meghan Lose It After Teen Drops The F-Bomb During Royal Visit

Invictus Games, Prince Harry, Meghan Markle

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan, man and woman of the people, recently graced the Bristol Old Vic’s outreach program with their presence where they witnessed what the local yoofs can do with their gadgets and what not.

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A video has emerged from the wholesome occasion where the pair are entertained by a bright young lad who talks them through his performance technique.

Obviously forgetting that he’s in the presence of royalty, the kid gets comfortable with the pair and *accidentally* drops an F-bomb mid-conversation.

“When you’re on the stage, you can’t be like, you know, fucking around on the stage,” the teen said to the royal couple.

Markle briefly pauses then can’t help but chuckle. Meanwhile Harry lowers himself to the kid’s level, probably contemplating whether or not to fire the F-bomb back (you just know Prince Haz drops it on the reg).

Anyway, cop the hilarious video below:

Gotta give Megs props for continuing her royal duties despite being v. pregnant with the couple’s first child who is due in late April of this year.

Harry and Meghan also recently helped make care packages for women on the streets of Bristol and visited the local boxing charity Empire Fighting Chance.

A source previously told Us Weekly that the former Suits star is “full of energy and in good spirits” as she enters the final half of her pregnancy.

“She really feels great and is enjoying the busy work schedule she has at the moment,” the source explained.

Harry is said to be working his British butt off to ensure that Meghan’s pregnancy runs as smoothly as possible.

“Harry’s being his usual amazing self around Meghan. He’s keeping an eye on her to ensure she doesn’t overwork because she’s not the best at knowing when to put the brakes on — that’ll be Harry’s job,” the source told Us. “He’ll make sure she’s not doing too much as they enter the final weeks.”