Actual Prince Charles Is Gonna Make A Royal Cameo On ‘MasterChef Australia’

Forget food royalty: this year, MasterChef Australia is bringing genuine royalty to the table, in the form of a well-basted Prince Charles.

(you would be surprised by how scarce prince charles GIFs are)

That’s right, the Prince of Wales is in ‘Straya right now and he’s set to make a regal cameo on the 10th season that’s being filmed right this minute.

His Royal Highness and 150 well-to-do guests will be in attendance at the Royal Flying Doctor Service base in Darwin tomorrow, where this year’s contestants will be frying scallions, sautéing pineapple-soaked prawns and concocting cardamon coffee ice cream like their plebeian lives depend on it.

God save the kaweeeeeeen.

“The Prince of Wales has always been an advocate for the environment and sustainability. He is well-known as a supporter of local producers and locally sourced produce,” ya boy Gary Mehigan mused.

“With this in mind, the challenge for our contestants is to respect and reflect his philosophy and use native and indigenous flavours along with other locally sourced ingredients.

“It is not only an enormous privilege and a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to cook for His Royal Highness’s reception, but a challenge too,” he said.

Considering watching people fuck up royally on MasterChef is one of this country’s favourite past times, we’re sure this will be one worth logging out of Netflix for.

wen someone inevitably cocks up the eucalyptus-infused red wine jus