To Celebrate 10 Years Of ‘PLL’, Let’s Rehash 7 Of The Most Cursed Moments Of The Series

It’s been exactly 10 years since Pretty Little Liars was unleashed upon the world, forever haunting our dreams with doll hospitals, evil twins and creepy-ass masks.

To celebrate a decade of PLL, we’ve pulled together 7 of the most batshit moments from the spookiest and most ridiculous series of our lifetime.

1. The fucken’ doll hospital

This list is in no order, but it’s no coincidence that this horrific scene was at the forefront of my mind.

The horrifying image of the Ali doll saying “Follow me, end up like me” still frightens me to no end.

2. And the dollhouse

WHAT is with this show and scary dolls?

From the scary replicas of the girls’ rooms to Spencer waking up covered in someone else’s blood. Oh, and Mona being dressed exactly like Ali on ~that~ night, the dollhouse was an absolute carnival of crazy.

3. The dead body on the ghost train

It’s a ghost train, so I knew right off the bat that it wouldn’t be filled with kittens and puppies, but I sure as shit wasn’t expecting a dead body.

Call me naive, IDK.

4. Spencer vs Snake

This scene particularly spooked me ‘cos I grew up out in the sticks where snake sightings were a common occurrence.

The snake in question was unleashed upon Spencer by the dastardly A, which makes it all the more sinister.

5. The bones on Spencer’s bridal gown

Not the first Spencer item on this list and (spoiler) not the last. Man, that girl had some bad luck.

I’m still traumatised by the scene when she found out that her too-tight corset was too-tight because it was accessorised with finger bones. I. Marlene King, you absolute psycho. (That’s the writer, BTW, who is obviously an absolute psychopath).

6. The masks. My god, the masks

Much like the dolls, the masks were an ongoing motif in the series.

For this reason, to this day I cannot close my eyes without seeing the mask.

Sleep is for the week anyway, I ‘spose.

7. The evil twin plot twist

And finally, there’s the highly controversial finale plot twist that A was actually Spencer’s evil twin.

Although the final storyline was akin to it all being a dream, the series still went out with a creepy, creepy bang.