Prepare Yr Iron Couch: Episodes In ‘Game Of Thrones’ S8 May Be Movie-Length

We haven’t even made it to season seven of ‘Game of Thrones‘ yet  – hurry up and get here July 16, hurry up, pleaseeeeee – but we’ve already got some lush goss on season eight from ‘GoT‘ sound designer Paula Fairfield
Fairfield appeared at Con of Thrones, a ‘GoT‘ convention in Nashville over the weekend, where she let slip the news that this season’s finale will be the show’s longest ep so far at 82 minutes, and that showrunners are considering making episodes in the final season feature-length.
Feature-length, huh? That’s not long enough imo. Episodes of ‘GoT‘ should be like 24-hour telly, always running in the background, until every major character is dead. 
The news was shared by Amazon‘s David Chen, and entertainment critic Steve Kornfeld. Seems legit. 

So far we 100% for sure know that the upcoming season will be packing a lot of things in over seven episodes, with three eps clocking in at more than an hour in length. 
And we know that the pacing of the new series will be a bit faster than usual, with my boyfriend Kit Harrington telling ‘Entertainment Weekly‘ in May that “a lot of stuff collides and happens much quicker than you’re used to seeing on Thrones”. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau added: “A lot of things that normally take a season now take one episode.” 
The yet-to-be-filmed season eight is slated for six eps, and we are not worthy.  

Source: Vanity Fair
Photo: HBO.