Prepare to Meet Facebook’s Blue Privacy Dinosaur

Facebook‘s privacy settings are notoriously labyrinthine – it’s often tempting just to give up in frustration as you spend valuable time attempting to tweak and fine tune who exactly can see your posts and photos. This week, the social networking site is making something of a peace offering to frustrated users in the form of a cute blue creature that has come to be known as the Privacy Dinosaur.
The Verge report that the site have been testing the feature since March of this year, but have just now begun rolling it out to users. The message from Facebook’s end appears to be “Look at this little guy, with his spines and his tail! Look at him trying to work those levers – he thinks he’s people! Please forgive us for sharing so much of your private information with strangers.”
The privacy dinosaur will run you through the basics, such as who can see your posts, which apps are authorised to access your account, and which users are able to see your profile information. You can access it through the ‘Privacy’ tab in the top right hand corner of your profile, although keep in mind that it’s only a fairly superficial check, so you’ll still have to go digging for more complex privacy options.
Y’know, ‘digging’ … like on an archaeological trip … like for fossils … of dinosaurs. Okay, yes, you get it. Carry on.