Produced in association with our mates at Intel Australia.

‘Tis the season to transform Sydney into a ‘spectacular canvas of light, music and ideas.’ Fa la la la la. La la la. La.

Yes (/YAAAAASSSSSS), VIVID Sydney 2014 is on and it has a doozy of a lineup featuring all of the light, music and ideas you could ever want. In an attempt to capture some of this audio-visually we sent our newly appointed #inteltablets Vivid Editor Amanda and her new tablet along to chat with
Billy Sorrentino, the Creative Director of WIRED, re: ‘The Future of Publishing’. Billy was out here speaking as part of the always magnificent Semi-Permanent creative conference. 

WIRED mag, “the tech version of Rolling Stone,” has been all killer and filler free since ’93 covering a wide range of digital flavoured topics from your fat fingers to Curiosity’s dusty wheels. Meanwhile, we’re over here with Billy chatting about the death of print and just covering off all the Bills (Bill Gates, Bill Clinton and Billy himself):