Prank Caller Successfully Put Through To UK Prime Minister David Cameron

A security review has been prompted, today, after a prank caller managed to be patched through to UK Prime Minister David Cameron

A successful Gotcha indeed. 

Was the call staged by Tony Abbott, playing out his hilarious joke of knighting Sir Tasteless Gaffe today? Unfortunately not. Downing Street has released a statement regarding the hoax call, naming the prankster as Robert Hannigan, who had claimed to be a director of the British intelligence agency GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters). 

The Guardian reports that the prank call was “quite brief” and no sensitive information was disclosed before Cameron realised that he was being hella burned by some amateur. 

A UK government spokesperson has stated that a notice has been distributed to all government departments following the prank call, and all departments have been urged to “be on the alert” for future incidents. 

In any case, the whole thing is looking relatively anticlimactic, even if it has sparked a security review at Downing Street. Just disappointed dude didn’t run with this further, tbh.

Via The Guardian.
Lead image by WPA Pool via Getty.