Post Malone Toyed With “Most Haunted” Artefact Before Near-Death Experiences

Last year, several extremely worst-case scenario events occurred in rapper Post Malone‘s life.

He was aboard a flight to London that had to make an emergency landing after two tyres blew during takeoff, he was involved in a serious car crash in West Hollywood and he was targeted by armed robbers who invaded his previous home and pistol-whipped the current resident, demanding to know where the 23-year-old was.

After all this scary business went down within weeks of each other, people started to wonder: Is Post Malone cursed?

It was a joke that spiralled through the internet with many making cracks like “did he drink the water from the sarcophagus?” The answer to that is no but he did mess with the world’s most haunted object while intoxicated.

Footage has emerged of the rapper, who has clearly never seen a single horror film, hanging out at the Haunted Museum with Ghost Adventures star Zak Bagans.

In the footage, Post can be seen, brewski in hand, messing with a Dybbuk Box, a spiritual object that houses what’s called a Dybbuk which is Yiddish for “malicious spirit”… well, okay then.

According to Zak, Malone removed the case which contained the cursed item for the FIRST TIME EVER and felt “compelled to touch it”, after which he flips out as seen in the video.

Have a go at it below:

Bagans believes that this is absolutely why the muso has encountered so much bad luck lately while Post reckons god simply hates him.

In my professional opinion I think he needs to sage the hell outta himself and get a priest on the horn for a good old-fashioned exorcism, that’s what I think.