This Photo From A Haunted UK Castle Might Be Of Ghosts, Probs A Gee-Up

I really enjoy a good ghost story, and the best ghost stories are made even better when there’s questionable photos allegedly showing said ghosts doing the rounds on the internet.

I’ve been blessed today – and so have you, if you too enjoy a good ghosty yarn – because a group of friends who visited Berry Pomeroy Castle in Devon, one of the most haunted castles in the UK,  have taken a pic that might show the ghosts of two brothers who allegedly died at the site in the 1500’s. Also, it might all be BS.

The group – known only by their first names of Chloe, her partner Charlie, and their friends Tyler, Mya, Cody and Sam – travelled to the castle for a late-night scare sesh this week.

 “We went in the early hours of this morning, the image was taken just before 1am” Chloe told The Plymouth Herald. “I’ve never been there before, we weren’t intending to actually go there but Tyler told us it was meant to be haunted so we thought we would travel there.”

The photo looks to be of a ghosty horse and two people.

Credit: Plymouth Herald.

It could also just be a big blur of white nothing.

“Tyler is the only one who had been there before, so we followed him down. Lots of people think its horses chasing someone, which I 100 per cent believe too,” she said. “Charlie never believed in ghosts before and I have always been sceptical about it, I didn’t believe it 100 per cent until I saw it for myself. This photo is enough to make me believe.”

According to Chloe the gang also heard a noise that “sounded like an animal” before the footage was taken, but they assumed they’d triggered a sensor alarm on site.

The castle came under siege in the early 1500’s, and legend has it that the two Pomeroy brothers were chased by their enemies and ended up taking their own lives to escape falling into their hands. It’s said that they wore full armour and rode their horses up to the top of the castle ramparts before their deaths. Other visitors claim to have heard screams and noises in the area, known as Pomeroy’s Leap. 

It’s all spooky as hell but look – ghost pictures can be faked and I know this. Still, it’s fun to believe, right?