Look, the lockout laws in Sydney are not very good. We’ve absolutely established this as fact. They’ve essentially strangled the nightlife out of the iconic Kings Cross and Darlinghurst areas, and despite seemingly-endless protest and pushback from the people it affects the most – musicians and nocturnal partygoers – the strict rules have barely budged.

Politely Clap, Bc Another Syd Venue Has Had Its Lockouts Extended By 30 Mins

Over the last few months we’ve seen some important venues have their lockout and last drinks curfews relaxed slightly on the basis that they have entertainment running after midnightOxford Art Factory, World Bar, and Stonewall are allowed to keep their doors open until 2am, and call last drinks at 3:30am. 

Yeah, that’s half hour later than the current laws. I mean it’s not much, but it’s a start, right?

Now the Burdekin Hotel, at the mouth of Oxford Street, announces it’s among the venues that have been granted the extra playtime.

With the ~nice news~ about the exemption, the hotel’s venue manager Aren Tanaka Van de Ven noted that the extended hours are a move in the right direction for the gutted party precinct.

“We’re excited to join the list of Oxford St venues recognised for their dedication to Keeping Sydney Open, and restoring vibrancy to what is one of our most diverse entertainment precincts,” Aren says.

“In the uphill battle to maintain Sydney’s nightlife economy, in a tourism destination that draws people from cities that don’t go out until well after midnight, this lockout extension will help us offer the experiences they expect when coming to our global city.”

The Burdekin has been a stalwart in the city’s nightlife, with techno and house events like WeLove, B2B/Back2Back DJ sessions, and the latest inclusion on the hotel’s roster – live bands at the monthly emo night, AM//PM

With the hotel being right at the front of Oxford St, it’s a community favourite for LGBTQI+ and inclusive events, and is renowned as a safe space in the city.

Politely Clap, Bc Another Syd Venue Has Had Its Lockouts Extended By 30 Mins
I am literally all of these at 2am on the dancefloor tbh.

Other venues in the CBD and Kings Cross area to have their lockouts slightly relaxed within the last month include The Establishment, the Slip Inn, The Cliff Dive, and the Kings Cross Hotel.

Here’s to another half hour, party people.

Photo: Chris Elder.

Politely Clap, Bc Another Syd Venue Has Had Its Lockouts Extended By 30 Mins