MasterChef legend and recent series evictee Poh Ling Yeow has explained why she seems to spend half her life peering straight into the oven, and get this: it’s to make sure shit doesn’t burn. Keep up, people!

Speaking on The Project Monday night, the absolute gun was questioned on her penchant for oven-gazing, and, in one instance, wishing she could stare straight into a blast chiller.

“Everyone says ‘Are you trying to make it cook faster?’ It’s not,” she told the panel.

“Again, there is actually a purpose to it, because I’m watching to see if I need to crank it up, and when I see it’s browning too much, I lower the temperature again.”

Revolutionary. I mean, what else did you think was happening? Were viewers convinced the oven itself was a portal to another world, where each challenge was accompanied by an extra half hour of cooking time? Unthinkable.

On that note, Poh said her habit is a necessity, due to the time constraints placed on each episode.

“I’m actually watching to see how I can keep adjusting, because of course, the time frames are always a little bit unrealistic,” she said.

“So I am actually… I am actually doing it for a reason.”

We’re getting right to the pointy end of the current season, but the real winner has already been crowned in our hearts. Peep her comments below:

Image: The Project / MasterChef / Channel 10