Play Paintball With The Cast Of The Wire

Moving Mountains is a youth focused charity group headed by Jamie Hector, who you might know as Marlo Stanfield from HBO’s The Wire. The group’s commendable and ambitious mission is to improve the lives of inner-city youth through developing their artistic talents, creating opportunities for them in theater, film and entertainment and encouraging them to pursue their dreams. To keep this noble pursuit afloat Moving Mountains raises cash through donations, government funding and TOTALLY BALLER PAINTBALL TOURNAMENTS WITH THE CAST OF THE WIRE!!! INCLUDING OMAR FUCKING LITTLE! CAN YOU IMAGINE PLAYING PAINTBALL WITH OMAR FUCKING LITTLE? EVEN THOUGH HE’S A FICTIONAL CHARACTER PLAYED BY AN ACTOR WHO MAY OR MAY NOT HAVE GOOD AIM – THE DUDE’S GOT TO BE PRETTY CAPABLE OF SHOOTING YOU IN THE HEAD WITH A PAINTBALL GUN AND AT THE VERY LEAST, SEEING HIM WITH A GUN IN HIS HAND WOULD BE VISUALLY INTIMIDATING AND A TAD SURREAL EVEN THOUGH IT’S A MOCK BATTLE WITH NON-DEADLY WEAPONS IN THE NAME OF CHARITY!

Ocular proof of the Wire-est way to raise money below…

Via Videogum