Pixar Doubles Up In 2015 With The First Trailer For “The Good Dinosaur”

2015 is looming as something of a banner year for Pixar.

With the release – and subsequent rave reviews – for Inside Out already under their belt, you’d think that’d be enough to put a pin in the year and give everyone a pat on the back.
But apparently not content to do that, November marks the release of The Good Dinosaur; marking the first time the famed animation studio has released two full-length feature films in the same calendar year.
The Good Dinosaur has had a long and reasonably controversial production timeline at Pixar, with the story first going into development back in 2009.
Originally penned and directed by Up writer/director Bob Peterson, the film ran into issues in 2013; reportedly, Peterson had trouble cracking the story’s third act. Upon Peterson’s removal from the project, with longtime Pixar staffer Peter Sohn stepping in to the role of director instead.
The film takes a revisionist timeline of history – one where an asteroid doesn’t strike the Earth, and the subsequent dinosaur extinction is avoided. A young Apatosaurus named Arlo befriends a human cave-boy named Spot, after an accident that claims the life of Arlo’s father.

A young dinosaur who loses his father but forms a bond with a small boy who can’t talk but knows how to protect him? From the pen of the dude who wrote Up?
Yeah. Take tissues to this one.
The Good Dinosaur is scheduled for release on November 25th.