Pitchfork, Internet media juggernaut on which the future success of your band is held in the balance, will expand with a film site The Dissolve set to launch in July.

Editor incumbent Keith Phipps (formerly of the A.V. Club) told Slate Magazine: “If we can become for movies what Pitchfork is for music—a smart site written with a lot of passion and knowledge for people who care about the subject—I’ll be thrilled. That said, when I first talked to Pitchfork president Chris Kaskie, I approached him with the notion of creating a Pitchfork for films, and the idea has evolved since then.

“I hope the site will be as wide-ranging in terms of reviews as Pitchfork is, by covering releases both big and small and digging into areas like video-on-demand, which tend to get overlooked.”

The Dissolve (I see what they did there) will follow the longform essay format of the parent site, with a content focus on what’s new in cinemas as well as film history, “in-depth conversations with filmmakers, screenwriters, and actors while
engaging in commentary that goes beyond gossip and box-office results”.

This will endow the Pitchfork brand with even more muscle for its existing portfolio which to date includes a video channel, a music festival, a blogging collective dedicated to experimental music “Altered Zones“, and an art site “Nothing Major“, of which nothing major was to come. Keep your eyes on TheDissolve.com.

Via Pitchfork